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Thompson Home

Nancy Thompson's Home from "A Nightmare on Elm Street." 


The house from A Nightmare On Elm Street is no dream, but it also doesn’t look like the kind of place that a supernatural murderer would have stalked.  

In this case, “Elm Street,” is actually Genesee Avenue. This quiet neighborhood held the secrets behind Wes Craven’s 1984 horror classic. This house was the location of the home of Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp). Glen (Johnny Depp) and Nancy discover a dark neighborhood secret. When Freddy Krueger, a local murderer who preyed on children, was released from prison on a technicality, the neighborhood parents band together and murder Krueger in a fiery vigilante rage. But it doesn’t stick as Krueger comes back as a dream demon to prey on the children of his murderers.

The house is the site of Nancy’s final battle with Kreuger where she drags him into the real world to kill him all over again, the front of the house is used as one of the more provocative settings in the film and has become one of the most iconic locations in all of horror.

Today the house is a private residence which is not in any way home to a dream demon. We think.  

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