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'Tick Tock'

Kirriemuir, Scotland

A re-purposed wooden sculpture, depicting one of Scotland's most beloved writer's amphibious creations. 


Situated in the back garden of the birthplace of Sir J.M. Barrie, the celebrated author of Peter Pan and other literary works, visitors may be drawn to the sounds of an amplified ticking clock. Turning the corner, they will come face-to-face with a life-sized replica of a giant crocodile. This lumbering sculpture is the work of James Doran-Webb.

Construction of this ginormous reptile consisted of a comprising a vast array of recycled pieces of driftwood. They form the shape of the unrelenting nemesis of the aforementioned children’s novel’s arch-enemy, Captain Hook.

The piece was commissioned by the National Trust for Scotland as part of their re-development project for the birthplace of the story’s author. Along with this watery behemoth, there are plans to create a jungle setting and pirate-themed garden—thus fabricating a real-life Neverland.

The garden is adjacent to where a young Barrie spent his formative years. It was in this location, the future writer told stories and put on plays that became the inspiration for one of the world’s best known and cherished children’s novels. 

Know Before You Go

The garden is free and accessible to use when the museum is in operation. Due to the small size of the museum, it is advised to purchase tickets in advance. Especially if visiting on the weekends or during high tourist season. Check the website for additional information.

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