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Tidens Samling

This museum is a portal to 20th-century Denmark. 


Wander through the rooms of this museum, and you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into Denmark in the 1900s. Tidens Samling is the place to visit if you want to go back in time and get a hands-on experience with everyday life throughout the 20th century.

While exploring the museum, you can do more than look at the exhibits—you can touch them, too, giving you a real feel for the time period. You can sink into the sofas, rifle through drawers, and even try on some 20th-century garb.

In the permanent exhibition, there’s a room dedicated to every decade, from 1900 until 2000. Each room you enter makes you feel as though you’ve been whisked away into another era. In addition to these permanent fixtures, the museum also special exhibitions. 

Annette Hage, the museum’s founder, began amassing its objects after Danes began purging their households of old stuff in the 1960s. She collected these material pieces of her people’s past and, in the 1990s, opened the museum to showcase parts of her collection.

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You'll find it through the yard in Brandts Passage! There's also the opportunity to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and try some of their delicious cake called Kiksekage.

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