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At 401 feet (122 meters), Todt Hill is the highest natural point in New York City and the entire Atlantic coastal plain. This summit can be found in the middle of Staten Island, New York City’s fascinating but often-overlooked borough.

Being the highest elevation on the Atlantic coastal plain from Florida to Cape Cod in Massachusetts isn’t the only remarkable thing about this area. It is also considered to be one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Staten Island to live in, which is evident from the opulent houses surrounding the area.

This lofty neighborhood, somewhat ironically, has strong historic ties to New York City’s underworld as a notorious drug kingpin of the 1970s, Frank Matthews, and a Gambino crime family boss, Paul Castellano, lived here. Even parts of The Godfather were filmed in the area. 

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The exact highest point is located at 40°36'08.0"N 74°06'44.0"W. The treacherous summit is quite easily accessible by car or a very determined stroll and is located in the middle of a residential street without any markers acknowledging its geographic significance. 

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