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Toilet Bowl Waterfall is permanently closed.

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Toilet Bowl Waterfall

Foshan, China

What can compare to the comforting sound of 10,000 toilets running? 


Chinese artist Shu Yong has repurposed an astounding amount of porcelain to create this peculiar waterfall, just one of the many impressive ceramic sculptures residing in Shiwan Park, Foshan in the Province of Guangdong.

Designed for the Foshan Pottery and Porcelain Festival, a porcelain product tradeshow, Yong’s homage to bathroom plumbing consists of thousands of toilets and toilet accessories, including urinals, sinks, and toilet seats, spread across 100 metres and rising 5 metres in the air. The toilets are in fact connected so that just a single flush will start the waterfall off, producing a relaxing sound to users of the park.  

 Update July 2018: There have been reports that the toilets have been taken down.

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