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Brussels, Belgium

Le Museé du Jouet (Toy Museum)

A huge old mansion full of thousands of toys, each there to be used and played with. 

Sorry, Le Museé du Jouet (Toy Museum) is permanently closed.

This amazing museum is a mad house of toys, each there to be used and played with.

Housed in a huge old mansion, Le Museé du Jouet has 3 floors, 20 rooms and 160 showcases with 25,000 toys that comprise an extravagant cabinet of curiosities. From the 1950s to the ’80s, and ranging from old to rare, the most unimaginable objects are to be found. The museum also houses a theater inside and an old tram to drive. 

Update October 2018: According to the museum’s website, it is closed indefinitely.

Know Before You Go

The french address is: Rue de l'Association, 241000 - BruxellesBelgiqueTrain :Central StationMetro :Metroline 2 and 6 : Madou or Botanique.Bus :Bus 29, 58, 61, 63, 65 and 66 (Stib), 270 et 271 (De Lijn) : Madou, Congrès or Botanique.Tram :Trams 92 and 93 : Congrès ou Botanique.

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