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Crestone, Colorado

UFO Watchtower

One woman's UFO themed campground complete with self-built "energy vortexes, UFO themed weddings, and magic bushes." 

There is a particular brand of Southwestern American weirdness, and it usually involves aliens. Skeptics would point to a self-perpetuating mythology and commercially attractive UFO themed opportunities as the reason behind this.

Believers of course would argue that this UFO weirdness is because the Southwest is a hub of galactic activity, a cosmic LAX, with area 51 and Roswell as the proof.

Judy Messoline is a true believer. The owner of a plot of land that was already in use by UFO spotters, Judy decided to make it official. Setting up an observation tower, campground and gift shop Judy has embraced the extraterrestrial enthusiasts and UFOlogists. Should you allow her to film you telling your story of an experience with a UFO sighting (and it seems like everyone in the southwest has one) she will give you a free UFO themed frisbee.

By all accounts an incredibly nice and accommodating if slightly odd host, Judy is also an artist, and will point you to the many self-built sights at the UFO watchtower which include a rock garden / healing garden and location of not one, but two “energy vortexes.” Here visitors can deposit offerings including everything from old hubcaps, and half packets of chewing gum to plastic dinosaurs.

Other notable items include two large sculptures of aliens which guard the entrance, a dome shaped gift shop and a “magic bush” on site, though it is somewhat unclear what sort of ‘magic’ inhabits this particular flora. Judy is a notary and can also officiate at UFO themed weddings, should the mood strike you.

Perhaps the most impressive sight of them all however is the beautiful desert landscape with its vast and unbelievably beautiful night skies, UFOs or not.