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Hong Kong

Un Chau Estate Flower Tunnel

A fairytale flower tunnel hidden within the gardens of a public housing complex. 

Every spring, a magical flower tunnel blossoms within a public housing complex. It’s a fleeting, hidden gem concealed among the crowded buildings of Hong Kong

The tunnel is covered in Bougainvillea. When in bloom, a ceiling of pink leaves and tiny white flowers grows from the vines that snake over the walkway.

The effect is absolutely enchanting. Walking through the tunnel is like entering a secluded, floral oasis worthy of a fairytale. It instantly makes you feel as though you’ve left the bustle of the city behind. The flowers only show up during the spring, usually between March and April, adding an extra sense of ephemeral wonder to the experience.

The flower tunnel is part of the Housing Department’s plan to add more green spaces to public housing developments. These fleeting springtime wonders, as well as the year-round pockets of greenery, are meant to provide relaxation and also help reduce heat and pollution.

Know Before You Go

It can get somewhat busy during the weekend so try to get there early.