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Rokers Point Settlement, Bahamas

Underwater Plane Wreck Near Staniel Cay

One of the most accessible undersea plane wrecks in the world. 

Divers, historians and scuba enthusiasts often train for years to explore undersea wreckage, but this dive site can be found in just over six feet of water.

Located about half a mile away from Staniel Cay Yacht Club, the wreckage of this plane crash might be the most accessible artificial dives in the world. In about six feet of warm Bahamian water, the remains of this plane wreck don’t let the shallow conditions stop them from becoming a sanctuary for many fish and coral species, as crash sites often do.

In addition to vegetation and the usual wandering schools of tropical fish usually found near undersea structures, this wreckage is known for the nurse sharks who like sleep under its wings.

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