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The U.S. Pizza Museum is permanently closed.

The U.S. Pizza Museum

In Chicago, a pizza-enthusiast has opened a museum dedicated to the history of pizza.  


When it comes to New York and Chicago, pizza is always a point of contention. With their thin-crust, Brooklyn-style slices, New Yorkers claim to have the best pies; while Chicagoans and their iconic deep dish pizzas beg to differ.

Chicago, which is known by many names such as The Windy City and Second City, has now opened a kitschy pizza museum. The U.S. Pizza Museum, located at Roosevelt Collection in the South Loop, was started by pizza enthusiast Kendall Bruns who, quite frankly, puts anybody else’s love of pizza to shame. The Chicago artist, entrepreneur, and pizza-lover began a personal collection that explores how pizza was brought to this country by Italian immigrants. 

“As America’s favorite food, pizza provides an easy entry point to learn about history, pop culture, and the people behind the pizza,” Bruns told USA Today. “We expect the exhibits to have a nostalgic effect on viewers.”

So, what exactly is on display in a pizza museum? Bruns has collected a mix of pop-culture pizza memorabilia and vintage items such as old menus or pizza boxes from around the country. What guests seem to love about the U.S. Pizza Museum experience is the intimate free tour they receive of the 3,000 sq ft space that houses the collection.

While the pizza museum will serve pizza for special events, the museum (somewhat ironically) does not sell pizza on site. Rather, the staff will provide thoughtful pizza recommendations for those who are salivating with hunger after their visit. The opening of Chicago’s pizza museum is a hit amongst locals, perhaps making the city the uncontested pizza capital of the United States. Your move, NYC.


Know Before You Go

Currently only open Fridays 5 to 8, and Saturdays and Sundays 11 to 6. Tickets can be purchased online to visit the U.S. Pizza Museum. For a limited time only, admission to the museum is free with an online reservation. The U.S. Pizza Museum is located within Roosevelt Collection, an indoor-outdoor mixed-retail center in the South Loops and offers parking validation for guests who park in its downstairs garage. 

Remember, the museum is not a restaurant, although the museum is partnering with local vendors to provide nearby pizza options.

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August 30, 2018

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