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Veteran’s Memorial Park

Falls City, Nebraska

A eclectic collection of military memorabilia. 


Much like any other small town park dedicated to those that served during peace and wartime for the United States military, this park displays a couple of different retired weapons, and other items to represent various branches of the military.

A ship’s anchor represents the Marines, Navy and Coast Guard, a B-17 bomber prop to represent the Air Force and Air National Guard, along with a tank and Howitzer represent the Army and National Guard. The tank is the one oddity in the whole bunch, aimed directly at a house on the opposite corner; one has to wonder if there is a purpose behind this orientation. 

The park was created by a former mayor, Marshall Maddox, a Vietnam combat veteran. It is paved with memorial bricks for our service men and women. As well, there is a very nice picnic shelter. 

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March 13, 2016

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