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Volkswagen on a Smokestack

An upstate New York garage advertises its services by literally putting the automobile above all else. 


Driving by a strange car accident can often cause people to wonder how in the world tons of rubber and steel ended up where it did, but this sentiment has never been more appropriate than when viewing the Volkswagen perched on the top of the smokestack near Dudka’s Garage.

Right off the main highway in the little industrial town of Amsterdam, New York, Dudkas Garage has employed the classic advertising technique of the roadside oddity to draw business for decades. Perched precariously atop a brick smokestack that once belonged to a carpet manufacturer is a rusting Volkswagen Beetle. The little red car seems undamaged from afar and is placed just above a near-unreadable sign for Dudkas, making the car seem that much more out of place thanks to the lack of context. There is little information available as to when or even how the automobile was placed on the old tower, but local rumor has it that the car is still in working condition. However no explorer or racing daredevil has yet climbed up to confirm this.

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