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Florida's Volkswagen graveyard

VW heaven in the backwoods of Dade City, now gone. 


Off of U.S. Route 301 in Florida (Which runs from Sarasota to Jacksonville) was a VW graveyard, called “Disney World for Volkswagen enthusiasts”, itself recently got killed off.

Run by owner Leroy “Corky” Yager, Corky has been collecting VW’s since 1986, and had somewhere in the range of 800 vehicles on his property. Yager would sell needed parts to VW owners, while buying old Bugs, Ghias, Buses and other VW vehicles and restoring them. People came from across the country to see the cars, and the cars themselves were a treasure trove of parts no longer being produced. 

Despite being a beloved destination for VW owners,  Corky’s two decades of doing business on the property, and the fact that it was all zoned commercially when a neighbor complained in 2009, the VW graveyard was not long for the world.

Corky was supposed to have the property cleared in 2010, but wasn’t able to get it done in time. In 2012 the county took matters in their own hands and crushed half of the cars, some 200 tons worth, and took them away. Corky had until February to clear the rest. During the battle with the county over his right to do what he had been doing for 20 years without an issue, Corky had two heart attacks.

“These parts are gone forever,” Corky was quoted saying “You won’t be able to get them anymore.”

No doubt even when all is said and done, a few overlooked VW parts will still be able to be found in the underbrush, and Corky plans to open up a new yard and parts shop across the road. 




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Sunray Bugs, on U.S. 301 just north of Dade City, Pasco County, FL

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