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Walt Disney’s Lamp


Allegedly haunted by Walt Disney himself, this inconspicuous lamp is always kept lit in his honor. 


It’s widely known that Walt Disney had a secret apartment on the second floor of Disneyland Fire Department, which overlooks the entire park. It was his favorite spot, and he would light the lamp by the window whenever he came up here, signaling to cast members that the man himself was at work.

Curiously, it is said that the lamp kept turning itself on after Walt’s death in 1966, which developed into an urban legend before long. Some believe that it contains his spirit and that he is always watching the guests enjoy his masterpiece that will never be completed, an ever-growing kingdom of dreams.

Though a variant of the legend claims that the lamp has never been turned off since the supernatural incident, it is not quite true, of course, and avid park-goers and Disney historians have noted that the current lamp, as well as the one before it, is a replacement and not the original Walt Disney lamp. Casual guests, on the other hand, may not even know how significant this fire department building is in the first place.

The legendary apartment is not open to the public, and you can only see the lamp from ground level. On special occasions, however, Disneyland Park offers guided tours which include a visit to the upper apartment, a rare opportunity to meet Walt Disney’s ghost face to face.

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September 5, 2023

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