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Wasa Graffitilandia is permanently closed.

Wasa Graffitilandia

Vaasa, Finland

An abandoned amusement park turned street art gallery with open walls for visitors to spray paint. 


Be prepared to feel confused, slightly sad, mesmerized, and curious when entering the premises: you are not in Vaasa anymore, that is for sure. The apocalyptic feel of a place that used to be a nest of joy, laughter, and amusement park rides closed down in 2015 and has since been vandalized and left for nature to take its place. But in 2021, a volunteer-run project took over and invited over a hundred artists to paint the walls, rooms, pillars, and even the trash cans.

Now almost 200 artists have taken part in the project, including international crews like 1 UP, and the premises, even though slowly deteriorating, are a burst of color. The area is vast, consisting of a large outdoor space and multiple buildings. Apart from murals and graffiti, there are also installations and photography on display.

People who have visited the amusement park as a child describe the re-visit as “trippy.” The premises are to be taken down at some point, so see it while you can.

Know Before You Go

The tickets are 10€ for adults and 8€ for kids under 12. Please reserve a lot of time for visiting, there is so much to see. This place has a cafeteria and they sell spray cans (and have an open wall).

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