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San Pablo City, Philippines

Waterfalls Restaurant

An eatery in a shallow river where diners can enjoy their meal mere feet from the base of an artificial waterfall. 

Located in the midst of the palatial Villa Escudero resort plantation in the Philippines, the Waterfalls Restaurant calls for a no-shoes policy as it is located right in the middle of a small river and waterfall. 

The bamboo tables and cook stations at the watery eatery sit merely feet from the rush of a small waterfall, allowing guests to lean under the rushing waters after finishing their barefoot meal. Dishes are generally local fare such as rice and of course, fish. The small falls, known as Labasin Falls, is not actually a natural falls, but instead is the runoff from the Labasin Dam, the Philippines’ first hydroelectric plant. But despite being an artificial falls that runs beneath the tables at the Waterfalls Restaurant, the uniqueness of the experience is very real.  

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