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Surfers Paradise, Australia

Gold Coast Wax Museum and Chamber of Horrors

The largest wax museum in the southern hemisphere features a grizzly chamber of horrors. 

The museum includes typical wax figures of famous people, although many of these movie stars, scientists, explorers, villains and world leaders are Australian. Frankenstein, Dracula, and a few Werewolves are thrown in for good measure.

The main attraction of the museum is its “Chamber of Horrors,” a waxen walk through the history of torture. The chamber includes genuine torture devices and macabre wax recreations. Devices with names including ‘The Rat Torture’, ‘The Dis-emboweler’, and ‘The Flesh Tearer’ indicate the many myriad of tortures demonstrated at the museum. The Chamber of Horrors also displays a few morbidly related documents, from Hitler’s Will to the death warrant of King Charles 1st. The hodge-podge chamber concludes with a genuine shrunken head, in true nonsensical freak show fashion.

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