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Welford-upon-Avon Maypole

Welford-on-Avon, England

One of the tallest maypoles remaining in England in one of its smaller villages. 


For centuries the “maypole” has been a popular European celebratory tradition, and although most of the historic party poles no longer exist, the small village of Welford-upon-Avon retains one of the tallest surviving poles in England. 

Rising to over 20 metres from the centre of the village, the striped maypole has been present in the site since the days of Shakespeare. In its original incarnation it was made of wood, but was at one point struck by lightning and destroyed. The current pole is made of aluminum and is officially a Grade II historical monument listed by English Heritage. The spire is topped with a weathervane shaped like a running fox, another traditional English icon. Visitors are recommended to visit the site in the month of May when the traditional May Day dance is still observed.

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