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Whiteman Minuteman Missile Site

Knob Noster, Missouri

The only remaining Cold War–era Minuteman II missile control center in Missouri. 

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At Whiteman Air Force Base in Western Missouri, you can tour one of the two Minuteman II missile control facilities in the United States that were not destroyed after the Cold War. 

From 1963 until 1995, Missouri was home to 150 Minuteman II missile sites. Whiteman Air Force Base’s 351st Missile Wing had 15 missile alert facilities, each one in command of 10 Minuteman II intercontinental ballistic missiles. In 1991, an international arms reduction treaty led to the Minutman II missiles being destroyed. Most of the silos were imploded and buried. But the missile site Oscar-01 located on Whiteman Air Force Base was left open to the public as a museum. Visitors can tour the control room, located in an underground vault 45 feet deep. The excellent guided tours are both interesting and informative.

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Follow the directions on the Whiteman AFB website to obtain clearance to the base to avoid being turned away at the gate.

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