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Witch’s Dungeon

Plainville, Connecticut

A seasonal movie monster museum featuring wax creations by a relative of one of the original Universal Studios monsters. 


Cortlandt Hull is the great-nephew of Henry Hull, the actor who portrayed the titular creature in the 1935 film “Werewolf of London”. Perhaps because of that, Cortlandt has dedicated his efforts to actively preserving classic monster movie culture by creating and displaying amazingly detailed, movie-accurate, full-size reproductions of classic horror movie icons.

Under the tutelage of Dick Smith of “The Exorcist” fame and John Chambers of “Planet of the Apes”, he refined his skills while crafting a collection of famous ghouls. He exhibits his creations at various events across the country throughout the year, but the home turf and main attraction of his creature reproductions is his Witch’s Dungeon in Bristol, CT.

Considered the longest-running classic horror movie attraction in the country, it is now greatly expanded to three times its original size. It was created in 1966 by 13-year-old Cortlandt Hull, as a tribute to the actors and makeup artists that gave us the classic movie monsters. The wax museum style tour features highly accurate life-size re-created figures of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Vincent Price, and others each in an elaborate scene, or diorama based on the classic Hollywood chillers! You are guided through the 20 min. tour by other-worldly costumed hosts, giving you insights to the films, makeup artists, and the actors, as well as special voice recordings by Vincent Price, John Agar, Mark Hamill, and June Foray. After the tour, you are welcome to stay and enjoy vintage movie thrillers shown in original film format until closing at 10 pm in our auditorium. Also featured before the tour, are displays of rare original movie props and makeup appliances by Oscar & Emmy winning makeup artists John Chambers, Dick Smith, and others, actually used in films, which makes for a great family event for movie buffs or film students.

The Museum is located at 103 E Main St, Plainville, CT  is continually open on the weekends throughout the year – Friday thru Sunday 6 pm until 9 pm. Admission is $15 per person, additional donations welcome.  All ages, but not recommended for children under 7 years old. Wheelchair accessible, photos are permitted, but no flash photography. For further information contact: www.preservehollywood.org or phone 860-817- 6095.


Know Before You Go


The entrance to the parking lot can be tricky to find. It is located near the junction of East Main St. and Pine St. at the stoplight intersection just after the railroad tracks. The Witch's Dungeon is located a short distance away from the Flea Market At The Crossing.


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