Wizard Quest – Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin - Atlas Obscura
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Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Wizard Quest

A theme park attraction designed to turn your children into LARPers. 

Born from the kitsch-filled lands known as Wisconsin Dells, Wizard Quest is a unique theme attraction that lets visitors pick up a wand and magic their way through a surreal fantasy land.

Unlike most theme parks, Wizard Quest isn’t based around an existing intellectual property, but features an originalish story that leads people through the entire attraction. Covering 13,000 square feet of fantasy locales, the whimsical complex provides guests the chance to quest through their puzzling rooms in an attempt to free four elemental wizards, giving attendees the chance to play the hero. The quest takes nerds of any age through the “Quadrasphere” which includes rooms such as a hall of mirrors, numerous hidden passageways and even traps! The adventure is played out through the use of a clever system of computer effects and infrared “wands” which can activate events in the Wizard Quest world.

Despite the widespread rise of genre-culture in the past 20 years, Wizard Quest is still a one-of-a-kind attraction for fans wishing to visit an immersive world of fantasy and magic. For anyone sick of dreaming that they are Harry Potter, if you’re willing to suspend disbelief and ignore a little kitsch, this quest makes you your own hero.