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Washington's Largest Frying Pan

This super-sized skillet is a replica of a usable giant pan where a woman once skated on bacon. 


Propped up in the small coastal town of Long Beach, Washington, the so-called “World’s Largest Frying Pan” is actually only one of many oversized pieces of cookery to make the claim, but this one may have been the only one that actually cooked.

The current roadside attraction in Long Beach is actually a fiberglass recreation of the original cast iron behemoth that was used in the town’s Clam Festival in 1941. As part of its initial display at the festival, a woman strapped bacon to her feet and hopped inside the pan carrying a giant spatula. After the clam celebration, the oversized oddity travelled around the West Coast, but Long Beach had a replica built to forever remember their part in its creation. The surface of the pan is over nine feet across and the tip of the handle is almost 15 feet off the ground. Strangely there are a handful of other “World’s Largest Frying Pans” across America alone, putting Long Beach’s culinary landmark in one of the strangest competitions for legitimacy ever cooked up. 

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