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World's Largest Lobster

Shediac, New Brunswick

This monster fiberglass crustacean stands watch over the self-proclaimed "lobster capital of the world." 


For those who like their roadside attractions leaning towards the B-movie variety, the World’s Largest Lobster is just for you.

Located in Shediac, Canada, the self-proclaimed “Lobster Capital of the World,” the massive concrete, steel, and fiberglass sea bug acts as both mascot and monstrous vision. The statue was created in 1989 to solidify their place as the crustacean capturing capitol. It is a terrifying 35 feet long and sits atop a craggy concrete base. The monster is positioned right at the entrance to town just so that none of the hundreds of thousands of people who visit Shediac each year forget exactly who is in charge: lobsters.

People are welcome to scale the giant lobster’s rocky perch and get a picture within dangerous reach of his massive claws. In case anyone is scared of the giant beast there is also a life-size fiberglass fisherman positioned in front of the lobster like some kind of unwilling majordomo.

The world’s largest lobster is really a treat for anyone who enjoys roadside attractions, nightmarish visions of atomic monstrosities, or the thought of burying themselves in a buttery lobster so big it’d be like when Han Solo put Luke Skywalker inside a tauntaun.  

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