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World's Largest Pumpkin Water Tower

Circleville, Ohio

Circleville is seriously smitten with this giant gourd. 


First given its now iconic orange paint job in 1997, this water tower stands as a symbol of Circleville, Ohio’s gourd obsessions. Circleville is known for its annual Pumpkin Show, a harvest season celebration that includes contenders for the world’s largest pumpkin pie, the world’s largest pumpkin, and other superlative squash. 

Since kicking off in 1903, the Circleville Pumpkin Show—an event organized to connect rural farmers with the city’s downtown—has grown to proportions nearly as impressive as their water tower. By some estimates, the Circleville Pumpkin Show is the biggest pumpkin-centric festival in the United States, drawing up to 300,000 visitors to a city of only 14,000. 

The million-gallon water tower that looms over the southern side of the town required 1,300 gallons of paint to achieve its current appearance. A decorative stem at the top helps accentuate the illusion of a Charlie Brown-worthy pumpkin watching over the area. 

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The water tower is free to visit and photograph.

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