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Yoro, Japan

Yoro Park

Experience park where visitors are told to expect the unexpected. 

The primary attraction of Yoro, a town located in Gifu, Japan, on the eastern side of the Yoro Mountains, Yoro Park is a theme park described as an “experience park,” where visitors are told to expect the unexpected.

Visitors to the park, which sits in a town of only 33,000, are led through the many attractions by a series of guides who know how best to manipulate the surroundings. Attractions include the Critical Resemblance House; the Reversible Destiny Office; and the Elliptical Field, which resembled a large, bowl-shaped basin. The Critical Resemblance House has a map of Gifu Prefecture as its roof and is filled with sets of furniture arranged in pairs on the floor, the ceiling, and even under the floor. The Elliptical Field is a series of nine pavilions joined by an intricate network of 148 paths.

The park also includes golf courses, tennis courts, food courts, and a special area called Kid’s World. Constructed in October 1995, Yoro Park was designed to incorporate the 100 waterfalls in the immediate area, which are another popular draw for visitors.

Know Before You Go

Take the train to Yoro Station, and walk west up the hill.

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