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Zigong Dinosaur Museum

Zigong, China

China's monumental dinosaur museum featuring an open dig site. 


Nearby popular tourist destinations such as the Leshan Buddha and the city of Chengdu, with it’s shopping opportunities and riverside teahouses, is the off-beat city of Zigong.

Thanks to its temperate, Southwest Asian climate which is the a perfect condition for the preservation of fossils, Zigong has been the site of an incredible number of dinosaur finds. Springing up from the colossal amount of bones is the Zigong Dinosaur History Museum. 

Opened in 1987, the museum is built on the actual site of a group of dinosaur fossils. The collection of prehistoric finds itself is arrayed as a spacious, three-floor museum with numerous exhibitions. The most noteworthy of the displays being the open excavation site where there are dinosaur fossils still in the ground dating back over 150 million years. In the rest of the museum there are many singular fossils of various types of dinosaur displayed, including a few dynamically mounted full skeletons.

There is also a park in the back of the museum which makes for a pleasant stroll while being surrounded by statues of various members of the Jurassic era.


Know Before You Go

The cost is 40 RMB for entrance to the museum and park. It's an additional 40 RMB to see the 360 degree movie. There are a number of buses that run from both the train station and downtown Zigong. A taxi ride from downtown will run about 30 RMB.

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