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Zooilógico del Futuro

The Sun, Moon, and stars peacefully coexist with animals, humans, and their tools at this surprising sculpture park. 


About four miles south of Trinidad, Uruguay, on Ruta 3, stands a zoo of the future. Animals like deer, ducks, and capybaras are positioned alongside tools like knives, axes, and saws, all carved from wrought iron by local artist Martin Arregui.

The “Zooilógico del Futuro” was inaugurated in 1991 as part of a campaign for the preservation of flora and fauna. The sculpture park, which includes 13 pieces, depicts the dangers of letting indiscriminate hunting and other practices that affect wildlife continue unchecked. The metal sculptures, which are about 10 to 12 feet tall, display various combinations of animals and hand tools, and look a little like a number of shadow puppets merged together. 

While each sculpture may have more than one animal, they seem to only have one hand tool per sculpture. The sun, moon, and the stars peacefully co-exist with animals, humans, and their implements in the parks.

Know Before You Go

You have to be driving on Ruta 3 through northwestern Uruguay when you are suddenly surprised by this amazing and beautiful site.

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