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History in the United States

Discover 903 places to experience unusual history in the United States.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma National Stockyards

The largest cattle market on earth holds live auctions open to the public every week.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Railway Museum

A crew of die-hard train buffs spent decades turning a defunct stretch of railway in Oklahoma City into a museum now home to over 50 antique and restored trains.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

First Americans Museum

The largest single-building tribal cultural center in the U.S. is an expansive museum in Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Plaza Theatre

After being abandoned for decades, Oklahoma’s first air-conditioned theatre was reborn in the new century.
Dayton, Nevada

Sutro Tunnel

This colossal underground passage paved the way for large-scale drainage and access tunnels across the U.S., but it almost wasn’t built.