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Tokyo, Japan

Alcatraz ER

Japan's corrupt-mental-institution themed restaurant offers diners a chance to eat inside of filthy cells.

Bronze Bathers

The most playful of the life-sized statues that make up Singapore's "People of the River."
Kanazawa Ward, Japan

NOAH (Nature Oriented Animal House): The Inner City Zoo

Often dinged for animal rights abuses, a crammed pet shop selling monkeys, alligators, wolves and other exotic animals.
Hong Kong

Central-Mid-Levels Escalators

The world's longest outdoor covered escalator system transports commuters through Hong Kong's hilly terrain.
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Elephant Clock

A faithful reproduction of Al-Jazari's enormous water clock.
Yigo, Guam

Andersen Air Force Base

Launchpad for the US military’s dead mouse operation to battle millions of snakes.
Tokyo, Japan

Vampire Café

A taste of the macabre Tokyo's ritzy shopping district.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower Wax Museum's Progressive Rock Room

Unlikely place for krautrock legends to hang out.
Kamakura, Japan

The Great Buddha of Kamakura

A bronze statue dating back as far as 1252, still has remnants of gold on its right cheek from ancient gilding.
Hakone, Japan

Owakudani Black Eggs

Legend holds eating just one of these black eggs can add seven years to one's life.