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Noboribetsu, Japan

Tenkaen (China Park of Heaven)

After a short 5 year run, this former major theme park sits in ruin.
Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower Wax Museum's Progressive Rock Room

Unlikely place for krautrock legends to hang out.
Tokyo, Japan

Kabukicho Robot Restaurant

Cabaret where the show girls are all androids, and the patrons couldn't be more pleased.
Ōme, Japan

Great Well of Ōme-Shinmachi

The largest example of the “snail well” unique to the Musashino Plateau region.
Saku, Japan

Tatsuoka Castle Site

The site of one of the only two star-shaped forts in Japan was used as an elementary school for over a century, much longer than its life as a castle.
Chiba, Japan

Kasori Shell Mounds

This prehistoric site is home to the largest shell midden cluster in Japan.
Kobe, Japan


A relatively young Buddhist temple on hilltop, dedicated to a statue relocated from Mount Atago.
Beppu, Japan

Aburaya Kumahachi Sculpture

This statue of the "shiny uncle of Beppu" was erected in 2007.
Funabashi, Japan

Tobinodai Shell Midden

The remains of a prehistoric settlement with a museum showcasing fascinating archaeological finds next to modern artworks.
Zama, Japan

Nissan Heritage Collection

This former factory contains an amazing collection of around 400 mint-condition Nissan cars.
Tokyo, Japan

Onihei Jokei “Historical” Markers

“Historical” markers commemorating the sites of fictional events depicted in a popular jidaigeki novel series.
Kamakura, Japan

‘Insect Mound’

Nestled among the bamboos in a temple complex, this art installation serves as a unique memorial to insects.
Tokyo, Japan

Hideyo Noguchi Statue

This site commemorates the life of a Japanese scientist who dedicated his life to the discovery of diseases.
Ōme, Japan

Nyanya Magari Cat Alley

A hidden alley with seven corners and handmade cat decorations.
Matsumoto, Japan

Yohashira-jinja Shrine

This traditional Japanese shrine is dedicated to four Shinto deities.
Yachiyo, Japan

Lake Imba Monster

The strange “kaiju” of Lake Imba that allegedly killed over a dozen men with a single strike of lightning.
Kawagoe, Japan

Five Hundred Arhats

Hundreds of statues of Buddha’s disciples meditating, napping, sneezing, and picking their noses.
Shiroishi, Japan

Shinseki Shiroishi (God Stone of Shiroishi)

A town's namesake rock has served as a spiritual matchmaker for hundreds of years.
Tokyo, Japan

Okuno Building Manual Elevator

This atmospheric pre-war building is home to one of the few manually operated elevators left in Tokyo.
Tokyo, Japan

Ghost Buddha

The origin of this bizarre, ghostly idol is a local mystery, even to the temple it calls home.
Annaka, Japan

Oginoya’s Kettle Rice Pottery

This iconic “station bento” comes in an earthenware pot you can take home and repurpose.
Miyakonojo, Japan

Ame no Sakahoko

This mythical weapon stuck on the mountaintop is also the site of the first honeymoon in Japan's history.
Kyoto, Japan

Hosotsuji Ihee Museum

A strip of traditional hand towel serves as an admission ticket at this modern tenugui museum.
Tokyo, Japan


This sculpture bears a tragic backstory that may have inspired a hauntingly beautiful children's song.