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Places edited in Geneva, Illinois
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Vienna, Austria

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (Austrian National Library)

The beautiful baroque library of the Hapsburg empire.
El Paso, Texas

Rosa's Cantina

One of El Paso's oldest dives may have inspired the classic Marty Robbins song.
Tangier, Morocco

Tangier Seaside Cliff Steps

Known to backpackers as the "Steps of Doom," this walkway carved into the side of a seaside cliff leads to the Roman Tombs.
Smith Valley, Nevada

Wilson Canyon

An improbable water gap where the West Walker River, paralleled by a state highway, crosses the Singatse Range between Smith and Mason Valleys.
Madrid, Spain

The Girder of Peace

This girder was hit by a bomb during the Spanish Civil War, but nobody knew about it until 2016.
Havana, Cuba

El Polinesio

When the Cuban government seized a Trader Vic's franchise, they unknowingly led to its preservation.

Long Ya Men

A replica of the lost rock cliff that was once significant in Singapore's maritime history.
Tuskegee, Alabama

Tuskegee Chapel

This historic chapel was rebuilt after lighting caused the original structure to catch fire.
Malmö, Sweden

Grand Circus Hotel

At this bohemian accommodation, guests who dream of joining the circus can spend the night in themed wagons.
Yuma, Colorado

The Orphanage

This Colorado gallery is primarily for cars, but its collection also includes quilts, pottery, and more.
Ringwood East, Australia

Ringwood Mining Historical Site

A monument commemorating the antimony mine that once operated in this Melbourne suburb.
London, England

Long John Silver Figurehead Collection

The world's largest collection of ship figureheads includes figures from legends and history alike, from Sir Lancelot to Abraham Lincoln.
Helsinki, Finland

Bullet Holes in the National Museum of Finland

The door to the museum holds a unique artifact from the Finnish Civil War.
Helsinki, Finland

Lyhdynkantajat (The Lantern Bearers)

These enormous, stern-faced statues greet visitors with lanterns, and sometimes costumes.
Ronda, Spain

Finca Descalzos Viejos

Sample Spanish wines under frescoes in a historic monastery of "barefoot old men."
Providence, Rhode Island

Gingerbread and Pancake Islands

The origin of these small islands' sweet names is a local mystery.
Vienna, Austria


Along the edge of this fountain are 365 smaller fountains that represent the days of the year.
Bécal, Mexico

Fuente de los Tres Sombreros

This hat-shaped fountain pays tribute to a centuries-old textile tradition in the Yucatán Peninsula.
Wanlockhead, Scotland

Wanlockhead Beam Engine

The last water-powered beam pumping engine in Britain.
Tremont, Maine

Seal Cove Auto Museum

One of the country's best automotive museums and home to one of the first motor vehicles.
Milan, Italy


Invented in the mid-19th century, this machine could send copied images via telegraph lines.
Brooklyn, New York

Henry Chadwick's Grave

The real "father of baseball" rests in Brooklyn.
Vancouver, British Columbia

'Giants' on Granville Island Silos

The colorful, smiling concrete silos of Vancouver.
Stockholm, Sweden

Snösätra Wall of Fame

Street artists transformed this abandoned industrial neighborhood into one of Europe's largest graffiti exhibitions.