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Newchapel, Wales

Cilwendeg Shell House Hermitage

This magical grotto is adorned with a complex pattern of native seashells, minerals, and fragments of colored glass.
Llanelli, Wales

Loughor Viaduct

A section of a historic wooden trestle viaduct is preserved next to the railway line it once carried.
Denbighshire, Wales

Castell Dinas Bran

These precariously placed ruins harken back to a 13th-century castle.
Powys, Wales

Gigrin Farm Red Kite Feeding Station

A Welsh sheep farm provides daily (non-sheep) meals to red kites, producing dazzling displays of aerial acrobatics.
Gwynedd, Wales

Gelert's Grave

A tiny village in Wales claims the name of a noble medieval hound slain for a crime he didn't commit.
Conwy, Wales

Great Orme Summit Complex UFO Room

An unexpectedly extraterrestrial room in a former Victorian resort club.
Cardiff, Wales

The Arab Room at Cardiff Castle

A harem-inspired Moorish fantasy design in a Victorian-era Welsh castle.
Bridgend, Wales

St. John's House

This 500-year-old Tudor home is a treasure trove of history and mystery.
Stavanger, Norway

'Broken Column'

An art project designed to encourage people to explore and investigate their surroundings more closely
Tromsø, Norway

Arctic–Alpine Botanic Garden

The world's northernmost botanic garden has 25 collections of plants from arctic and alpine regions.
Norheimsund, Norway

Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter (Hardanger Maritime Museum)

A living museum working to keep the traditions of building and repairing handmade wooden boats, ropemaking, and blacksmithing alive.