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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Solar System

The world's largest model of our planetary system.
Baskarp, Sweden

Falks Grav

The final resting place of a young stagecoach robber who refused mercy.
Lund, Sweden

Skissernas Museum

House in a university's former gym, this museum focuses on the artistic creative process.
Ramnaklev, Sweden

Börje’s Tie Museum

Around 9,000 ties call this museum home.
Skanör med Falsterbo, Sweden

'Badaren - Spår av Mänsklighet (The Swimmer - Traces of Man)'

An art installation composed of items left behind by beachgoers.
Gagnef, Sweden

Gagnef Flottbron

This unique bridge is one of the last of its kind in Sweden.
Håverud, Sweden

Håverud Aqueduct

A railway, a waterway, and a roadway all in one, suspended over a rushing river.
Tjurkö, Sweden

Tjurkö Ship Cemetery

For decades, these ships have been lying in rust awaiting a final decision on their fate.
Södra Nybro, Sweden

007 Museum-Nybro

Believed to be the first museum dedicated to the films in the world.
Söderto, Sweden

Söderto Fortress

This makeshift concrete bunker is an unusual reminder of the Cold War.
Vittsjö, Sweden

The Jerlov Observatory

This former peat factory was transformed into an observatory before being abandoned once again.
Rättvik, Sweden


The unique design of this former quarry provides ideal acoustics for concerts.
Malmö, Sweden

Talking Trash Cans of Malmö

These waste baskets play a few risque messages to discourage littering.
Viskafors, Sweden

Viskafors Blå Får (Blue Sheep of Viskafors)

A flock of peculiar-colored sheep graze in this small Swedish town.
Lund, Sweden

Lund Observatory Clock

This antique clock once gave the most accurate time in the area.
Skarpnäcks Gård, Sweden

Jättegrytan i Skarpnäck (Skarpnäck Giant's Kettle)

This hole formed by a glacier is the largest and best-preserved of its kind in Stockholm.
Täby Kyrkby, Sweden

Fällbro Runestone (Uppland Runic Inscription Fv1946;258)

This Viking Age memorial contains the oldest known image of a Täby resident.
Stockholm, Sweden

Cedergrenska Tower

Despite dreams of constructing this fairytale mansion, Albert Gotthard Nestor Cedergren never saw its completion.
Stockholm, Sweden

Joseph Kraus's Grave

The composer known as the "Swedish Mozart" arranged to be buried in an unusual spot.
Stockholm, Sweden


A traveling Bronze Age sacrificial stone that was used to honor elves, fairies, and other woodland spirits.
Stockholm, Sweden

'The Flute Player'

This small statue hints at the incorrect origins of the lush landscape park surrounding it.
Stockholm, Sweden

Dykande Måsen

A concrete Picasso in the middle of a student housing complex on the outskirts of Stockholm.
Stockholm, Sweden

Ytterby Mine

The single richest source of elemental discoveries in the world.
Stockholm, Sweden

Kymlinge Metro Station

"Only the dead get off at Kymlinge."