Atlas Obscura is celebrating the launch of its very first book: Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders!

This fall, we’re kicking off the book’s publication with a 12-city book launch. Each event, in keeping in strict observance of all things unusual and wondrous, will be its own evening of discovery, drawing guests not only to bookstores, but also to venues brimming with unique history and unusual spaces—from a waterworks museum to a funhouse of found art to an abandoned underground neighborhood. Guests will have the chance to ask our authors any burning questions, have their books signed, and delve into its addictive pages, all in the company of plentiful food, drink, and inquisitive souls.

Make sure you get a ticket to the launch event nearest you! Here’s the line-up: 

New York: The Brooklyn Navy Yard

September 24

Join us for an explorer’s night of wonders and curiosities at a warehouse-turned-wonderfair.

Philadelphia: The Mütter Museum

September 27

Sneak in after-hours for cocktails and live music at America’s finest museum of medical history.

Boston: The Waterworks Museum

September 28

Experience the book from the inside when you wander around this former 19th-century pumping station.

DC: The Sixth & I Synagogue

September 29

Join all three authors and CEO David Plotz for lively discussion at this historic synagogue.

Los Angeles: The Last Bookstore

October 4

Come listen to a conversation between Dylan Thuras and Casey Schreiner at this beautiful and iconic bookstore.

Menlo Park: Kepler’s Books

October 5

We welcome you for a conversation and Q&A with Atlas Obscura founder Dylan Thuras and bestselling author Mary Roach.

Portland: Powell’s City of Books

October 7

Come for an evening of conversation, discovery, and exploration at one of the most beloved bookstores in the world.

Seattle: The Seattle Underground

October 8

Descend into underground city ruins for a subterranean soirée filled with music and dancing.

San Francisco: The Book Club of California

October 10

Join us at the renowned Book Club of California to delve into the most astonishing and curious locations featured in the book.

Minneapolis: House of Balls

October 22

Celebrate with local bands, beers, and hands-on workshops at this funhouse of sculpture and found art.

Madison: Room of One’s Own

October 22

Calling all explorers! Come kick off the Wisconsin Book Festival with a conversation about crazy bucket list destinations.

Chicago: The Pullman Historic District

October 23

Join us for a night of unusual access as we celebrate the Atlas Obscura book launch at a very special location!

Highland Park: Highland Park Public Library

October 24

Get comfy within this 19th century library for an evening of wonders and armchair adventures.


Advance Praise for Atlas Obscura: An Explorer’s Guide to the World’s Hidden Wonders:

“My favorite travel guide! Never start a trip without knowing where a haunted hotel or mouth of hell are!”
—GUILLERMO DEL TORO, filmmaker, Pan’s Labyrinth

“Atlas Obscura may be the only thing that can still inspire me to leave my apartment.”
—LENA DUNHAM, creator of Girls and author of Not That Kind of Girl

“Life is short. Our planet is filled with curiosities and marvels … and this wondrous book is your guide!”
—PHILIPPE PETIT, high-wire artist and explorer

“What a strange and wonderful book! It is as curious and surprising as Saddam Hussein’s very own Blood Qur’an—written in his own blood—that I would never have known about had I not read the amazing Atlas Obscura.”
—JON RONSON, author of So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed

What are you waiting for? It’s time to come adventuring with us.