British television personality Jeremy Clarkson is known for having a big head, and now it looks like some golem created of pure ego is traveling America’s highways and byways. As shared on Twitter by longtime co-host James May and others, a giant statue of Clarkson’s head is being carted off to some unknown location on the back of a flatbed truck.

Clarkson is best known for hosting the long-running BBC automotive show, Top Gear, along with co-hosts May, and Richard Hammond. For decades, the show was a massive hit, trading on the often-politically-incorrect interplay between the outspoken hosts, and a cavalcade of the world’s coolest cars. Clarkson was removed from the show in 2015, taking his fellow hosts with him, and the three devised a startlingly similar new show for Amazon, called The Grand Tour.

How this giant Clarkson head relates to the trio’s new show is unclear. While pictures of it being loaded onto the back of a truck in Washington state have been released, there has been no word on the head’s final destination. According to The Grand Tour’s official tweets shared by the Independent, giant heads for Hammond and May are also in the offing, so we have that to look forward to.

The head is undoubtedly a promotional stunt of some kind for The Grand Tour, it doesn’t make it any more unsettling to see a colossal blowhard staring down innocent motorists.