Ich hab einen gefunden!

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In Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger, the titular villain has a penchant for covering things in gold—cars, photographs, human women.

An Austrian criminal, recently nicknamed Goldfinger by local police, is slightly less sinister, but equally mysterious. This man (or woman) with the Midas touch has been swooping around the small town of Klosterneuburg at night with a spray can, a glittery vision, and a very specific target: “In the past three weeks at least ten fire hydrants have been sprayed a brilliant gold during the night,” reports the Local

Locals have praised the makeover, saying it makes the town more beautiful. In photographs, the new hue looks classy against the streetside greenery. The mayor, however, is less than impressed: as the Local explains, “the sprayer has effectively damaged council property.” He put local police on the case. 

They have their work cut out for them, as two more golden hydrants have been spotted in Korneuburg, just across the Danube from the original spray sites. Be careful out there, and remember: this heart is cold/he loves only gold

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