Like many traveler-oriented spaces, the international terminal at Oslo Airport features a number of conveniences aimed at making travelers comfortable: restaurants, wifi, a limited supply of lounge chairs.

Soon, though, it will also offer some less soothing amenities: a series of paintings by the psych-horror master Edvard Munch.

Oslo’s Munch Museum is collaborating with the airport’s operator, Avinor, to bring the artworks to this new environment. The ten-year deal will see a rotating series of paintings come through a dedicated display space starting this December, the Local reports.

The first will be “Hode ved Hode,” or “Head by Head,” a 1905 work that depicts a woman and a man leaning on each other. The Munch Museum describes this work as shot through with “psychological tension,” reminding viewers “how difficult it can be to achieve mutual trust, security, and affinity.”

So if you’re flying to or from Oslo soon, and you were planning on laying your head uncomplicatedly upon your companion’s during calm midair stretches, you may want to reconsider. And when you’re up there, make sure to keep an eye on the clouds.

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