Batgirl has had enough with the jokes about her salary.

In the 1973 clip above, archived by the U.S. National Archives, the characters Batman and Robin from the 1960s Batman television series are strapped to a pole and await their demise from a ticking time bomb. Batgirl bursts onto the scene, strikes a power pose, and then proceeds to admonish the trapped men. As one of Batman’s crime fighting partners and an equal part of the “Terrific Trio,” the heroine demands equal compensation.

“I’ve worked for you a long time and I’m paid less than Robin,” Batgirl, played by actress Yvonne Craig, tells Batman. “Same job, same employer means equal pay for men and women.”

The United States Department of Labor Wage & Hour Division’s public service announcement encouraged women to exercise their rights and use the Federal Equal Pay Law. Even though the show had been off-air since 1968, Dick Gautier (who filled in for Adam West as Batman), Burt Ward (Robin) and Craig reunited for the announcement to deliver the important message. Over 40 years later, Batgirl’s statement and efforts are still at work.

After standing up to Batman and Robin and proving that the team would be toast without her, Batgirl disarms the bomb and saves the day.

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