Batman has finally found a place to call home. Batman the four-eared mutant cat, that is. According to ABC News, the black cat was finally adopted after being turned over to a shelter with a passel of other cats in July.

Batman was born with a rare congenital defect that gifted him with vestigial ears that have grown right behind his actual ears. While his extra ears don’t seem to have given Batman any super powers—or even, better hearing—caretakers at the Humane Society say that they don’t affect his actual ears either. And unlike his comic book namesake, the cat is described as being friendly, if, still, just a little different.

The three-year-old black cat was delivered to Pittsburgh’s Western Pennsylvania Humane Society by his previous owner who could no longer care for it. After being treated for a respiratory infection for a few weeks, little Batman was ready for adoption. And while his extra ears might not serve any functional purpose, they may have ended up helping him out anyway.

Black cats usually have a longer shelf life at shelters, but Batman was snatched up within hours of being made available. He was adopted by a young girl who was, coincidentally, interested in superheroes.