A group of cyclists in the Omaha neighborhood of Aksarben wants a safer bike lane, so they decided to take matters into their own hands by gluing over a hundred plungers to the street.

The group, which is calling itself “PSA,” or “Plungers for a safer Aksarben,” recently attached 120 standard household plungers (handles wrapped in reflective tape for greater visibility), to the painted bike lane on one of the area’s more dangerous streets. According to KETV, the road where the plungers was installed is especially dangerous, and has been the site of multiple accidents, including one fatal collision in 2015.

PSA installed their plungers without asking permission from the city in the hopes that they could show drivers what a protected bike lane might look like. They hoped the plungers might stay in place for at least 36 hours, but city officials were on site to pluck them off the street in just three.

Still, PSA did manage to get their point across, if ever so briefly.

“Get people’s attention,” one cyclist told KETV. “Let them see what a protected bike lane looks like and how it can work and how it can actually slow traffic down.”