Since Friday afternoon, Los Angeles has been in the grips of the disastrous Sand Fire. Forests are burning, freeways are shut down, and ten thousand homes are being evacuated.

As the blaze bore down upon his neighborhood and the humans were rushed out, one forgotten resident took matters into his own claws. According to KABC-TV Los Angeles animal control officers found a 75-pound tortoise on the side of the road, “fleeing as quickly as he could.”

He is now at Castaic Animal Care Center in Santa Clarita, resting comfortably after his workout—along with an ark’s worth of other critters, including 228 horses, 52 goats, 29 chickens, seven rabbits, five cats and two dogs. If you’re from the Santa Clarita area and you were separated from a pet in the fire, you might be able to find them there.

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