Chirps Cricket Protein Chips

From $19.99, Amazon

The United Nations predicted it, cutlery designers are banking on it, and 10 out of 10 Caras certainly agree: In 50 years, we’re all gonna be eating bugs.

If you want some practice—or are just looking for a unique snack to offer your friends—you might want to spring for some Chirps Cricket Protein Chips.

Chirps are a good gateway food. Rather than forcing you to go full bug right away, they’re made out of about 10% cricket flour (the rest is corn, beans, and chia seeds). They also look and feel like your standard salsa vehicle, although they’ve got a bit more heft to them, as well as a slightly nutty taste. Thanks to the protein, I find they also fill me up faster than regular chips.

The three-pack contains one bag of each flavor—Sea Salt, Cheddar, and BBQ—and you can get larger quantities, too. Why not stock up? You never know when the future might arrive.

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