Join Us Around the World on Saturday, March 20, 2010

Clear your calender for Obscura Day, and join us as we celebrate curious places all around the world.

We’re getting access to private collections, exploring hidden treasures, and leading expeditions to places that aren’t normally open to visitors. In Philadelphia, we’ll get a special back-room tour of the Mutter Museum. In Tokyo, we’ll be exploring the world’s largest underground drainage system. In London, we’ll be taking a walking tour of the lost River Fleet. Outside of Los Angeles, Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG will be leading an expedition to investigate a vast, unbuilt suburb in the Mojave desert. Near Chicago, Jim Onan will be guiding us through his eccentric six-story gold-plated pyramid house.



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The bats fly at sunset from the Congress Street Bridge in Boston - cc licenced photo http://bit.ly/dqVJ0N

We have Obscura Day events lined up in 27 cities so far. Our goal is to spread Obscura Day to dozens more cities on every continent. To do that we need your help. Let us know if you’d like to organize an Obscura Day event in your hometown, and we’ll help you plan it.

A Few of the Cities where Obscura Day is Happening:

Tokyo, Japan - Go underground to explore the world’s largest drains. .>

Philadelphia, PA - Backroom access at the Mutter Museum . .>

London, UK - Walk the lost River Fleet. .>

Boston, MA - Curator’s tour of a historic collection of anatomical preparations. .>

San Mateo, CA - Exclusive access to a curious private collection . .>

Washington, DC - Explore the incredible National Museum of Health and Medicine. .>

Chicago, IL - Go inside a six-story-tall, pyramid house clad in gold. .>

Portland, ME - Delve into the new Cryptozoology Museum with Loren Coleman. .>

Anniston, AL - Explore two incredible museums . .>

California City, CA - A photo-safari into a ghostly, never-completed California suburb. .>

San Francisco, CA - An outing to Playland-at-the-Beach’s yesteryear contraptions. .>

Courtland Manor, NY - Rare access to The Radio Guy’s private collection of scientific curiosities. .>

Detroit, MI - Open air outsider art tour of an installation that takes up a whole city block. .>

Williams, OR - Private access to Richard Reames’ living arborsculpture studio. .>

Austin, TX - Join us at the Museum of the Weird, and then end the day at the bat bridge. .>

Brussels, Belgium - Join us for an expedition to an eccentric hand-built tower castle. .>

… and many more in the works to be announced soon.

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A peek into London’s long lost Fleet River

Don’t See Anything Near You? Organize an Event!

The events we’ve set up so far are just the beginning. We want you to go forth into your community, find the wonders in your backyard, and share them with the world. To find out how you can put the wheels in motion in your own hometown, visit ObscuraDay.com and let us know what you’re thinking. We’ll work with you to sort out the details.

Watch it Unfold

Everywhere Obscura Day is happening we’ll be posting photos, blogging, and tweeting – and we hope you will too, so that we can all share in each city’s finds. Follow us and join in on Twitter and Facebook.

RSVP to Save Your Space

These events may fill up fast. Click on an event above to RSVP, so that we know you’re coming… and to get more details about events as Obscura Day nears.