Off the Sussex coast in the United Kingdom, authorities are building a massive wind farm. Part of this work involves plopping giant bags of rocks in the ocean. The bags, for now, are holding cables to the sea bed as builders erect the turbines further off shore. 

The bags of rocks, from a distance, do seem a bit curious: all have the same shape, as well as a strange center bump that one might mistake for a dorsal fin. 

And, indeed, that’s just what happened recently, according to the Argus: a person walking by and looking out into the ocean called the local coast guard to say they thought there might be a pod of beached whales out there. 

Officers responded, finding just the bags of rocks, which indeed were beached, but for a different reason. 

“Officers attended and nothing was seen,” officials said, curtly, according to the Argus. ”Incident closed.”

Better safe, we suppose, than sorry.