With over 60 65 Obscura Day events lined up, and more on the way, there’s a lot of great options for an odd day out. But what if there’s nothing near you? Well, you have options:

Plan and host your own! Take a look at the Atlas Obscura listings near you and plan an outing. Let us know what you decide and we’ll help you publicize the event and gather RSVPs

Go it Alone - If you’d like to make a day of it but would rather not lead a group, then head out on your own or with friends and create your own, private Obscura Day. Share your photos on Flickr and be sure to email us and let us know about your adventures. Here are some starting points for getting inspired for your own local Obscura Day:  

  • Join a local walking tour - seek out the tours usually reserved for tourists, and go explore your own hometown. We are particularly fond of historical walking tours, but ghost tours can be a good bet too.
  • Museum Visit - Pay a visit to your local natural history museum, taxidermy collection, or a small unusual collection near you  
  • Cemetery Walks - Every cemetery has stories, and they make for perfect, easy walking tours. Contact a cemetery near you and arrange for a guided walk.  
  • Scavenger Hunt - Plan a scavenger hunt or buried treasure quest in a local open space or through the streets of your town  
  • Hold a Salon - Know about something obscure? Sure you do. Share your knowledge in a salon setting at a local cafe or local watering hole.  
  • Dérive - One of the best ways to get to know a place and find its secrets is to explore on foot, letting your explorations take you from discovery to discovery. Chose a part of town you don;t know much about, and head out on foot to explore. (Here’s a bit more about the idea of dérive, and why it’s so great.)

If you’d like to host an event near you, Let us know!