A freak windstorm that felled trees and ripped awnings across Long Beach, California also claimed a more finger-lickin’ victim—an enormous KFC bucket sign.

The sign crashed down from an Atlantic Avenue storefront early Monday evening, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reports. Pictures show a downed bucket roughly the size of a water tower, draped with yellow caution tape and peeled open to reveal a surprising amount of infrastructure.

It’s one thing to, in a fit of grease and excitement, drop your chicken bucket on the ground. It’s another to lose an entire franchise’s (symbolic) supply. “We love this sign,” restaurant owner Shahid Chaudhry, who plans to replace the bucket, told CBS News. “It’s sad.”

Although the sign fell into the drive-through lane, customers have flocked to the location—though snoopier ones noted the downed container was empty of chicken. That’s a rough way to find out you have no wings.

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