Could you pass the gagh?
Could you pass the gagh? CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images

Any time I watch a scene from a Star Trek show that involves a big spread of goofy-looking alien foods, I really want to know what they taste like. Such scenes are usually played for gross-out effect, but I’ve always wished I could try things like Klingon gagh or Ferengi tube grubs. Would they truly taste alien, or more like a bizarre version of flavors I’m familiar with?

The culinary mysteries of the Star Trek universe are my own personal obsession, but we want to hear yours: what fictional foods do you most want to sample?

From ancient mythology to literature to popular TV shows and movies, our cultural landscape is rich with made-up foods and dishes. Maybe your mouth waters at George R.R. Martin’s elaborate descriptions of Westerosi cuisine. Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to know what food laced with the Spice Melange tastes like, a la Frank Herbert’s Dune series. If you’ve ever wished you could dine on a giant mushroom with Mario, fill up on some Soylent Green (don’t read the ingredients), or quaff some ambrosia straight from Greek myth, we want to hear about it.

Tell us what fictional food you’ve always wanted to try via the form below. Let us know why you want to try it and what you think it would taste like. Let’s explore the food cultures that our world will never know!

If you have a fictional food of your own that you’d like to try, head over to our community forums and tell us about it!

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