Blood-red water is a bad sign, reminiscent of horror films and shark attacks. When the citizens of Fort Myers, Florida saw that the creek near the high school was running crimson, they feared the worst.

In this case, though, it just meant someone dyed. According to NBC2, nearby Lee Memorial Hospital hired a contractor, NALCO Water Treatment Company, to test for leaks in their cooling towers, which they did by tinting the water red. “In the process, gallons of the dye were dumped into the drain pipe, making its way into the creek,” they write.

This is, of course, also bad. Although the hospital insists the dye is 99% water, residents are not pleased. “They should be a little more cautious,” Cynthia DeJesus told NBC2.

The drain pipe has since been plugged, and the hospital and contractor are working together to clean the creek. No word on whether this orange alligator is heading down to help.

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