Dragonball Z, giant cereal, and a trombone. Sure. (Photo: WWE/Youtube)

In what may be one of the crazier pieces of fan memorabilia to ever go on sale, you can now pick up an oversize piece of foam cereal that was used in an insane WWE intro. The foam prop is signed by the members of reigning WWE tag team champions, The New Day, who burst out of an oversize cereal box to announce their arrival at Wrestlemania 32.

The New Day, composed of wrestlers Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods, wrestle as a trio of excitable, pop-culture-savvy characters who have competed both as faces (heroes) and heels (villains) with a goofy (even for professional wrestling) aplomb. With their catchphrase, “Booty,” as in “Brooklyn is booty!” (BOOOOOO!!!!), signature unicorn horns, and trombone-playing front man (Woods), they have risen in popularity since their 2014 debut, and now have a devoted fan following, and currently hold the WWE Tag Team Champion Belts. 

In a fashion befitting their bizarro, nerdy characters, The New Day showed up at Wrestlemania 32 in April not by coming down the ramp to fireworks and driving music but by popping out of a giant box of “BootyOs,” a joke cereal The New Day had introduced a month earlier that they said could keep you from being booty. As they emerged they had to wade through giant pieces of foam cereal. As if that bit wasn’t strange enough, they were all dressed like characters from Dragonball Z. They were also wearing their unicorn horns, and Woods was carrying his trumpet. It was a bewildering mash-up of geeky iconography that pretty much boggles the mind. It was also pretty awesome.

Now, over on WWE Auctions, they are selling off pieces of the giant BootyOs (actually just a ring of painted foam), that has been signed by all three members of The New Day. Each of the signed cereal props is going for $300.00, and out of an initial 15 pieces that went on sale, only eight are left as of this writing. If you are a wrestling fan, this might be your only chance to pick up such a bonkers piece of WWE history. 

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