The Australian town of Allies Creek is up for sale for less than some homes. Located about five hours from Brisbane, the tiny mill town has a surprising number of features for anyone that’s looking to get into town running.

Allies Creek was once a large saw mill, and that legacy still survives with three mill buildings still standing, and a number of open air sheds throughout the property. In addition to the mill facilities, there are 16 homes in the town, about half of which are occupied by tenants. There are also paved roads, running water, and its own little power plant, in addition to a complete dam built on site, which, which is hosting the sale, promotes as being a great place to catch seafood. “Imagine scooping a net full of red claw and fish to feast anytime!!!”

Prior to the sale, the town was owned by a couple, who first bought it in 2008. They first put the rural settlement on sale in September 2015 for over $2 million, later lowering the asking price to $750,000. suggests that the town land could be used for everything from corporate retreats to an RV park, with the current tenants an additional source of revenue. In other words, if owning a small town in the Australian wilderness is your dream, now’s the time to act.